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We choose quality in the heart of the land.

Our quality

We grow and select best quality melon, watermelon and pumpkin in the heart of La Mancha.

Our products enjoy the prestige and quality guaranteed by the GLOBAL G.A.P. certification and by our membership to the IGP Melón de La Mancha.

We only grow melon of the  Sancho, Riado, Cordial, Manchego and Arenales varieties, as well as Style, Premium and Bazman watermelons. Our pumpkins are renowned for their quality, corresponding to the Ariel and Pluto varieties.

Our products are…


The consumption of seasonal fruit provides vitamins, minerals and water for our organism.

They can be consumed in a wide variety of ways. In juice, smoothies, as prepared fruit, with vegtables and salads.

Seasonal fruit provides… flavour, provides… health.


We care of our land because we know we depend on it.

Traditional, natural and sustainable cultivation to obtain a quality that only our customers appreciate.

Agricola JJF, in a short period of time, has been able to grow, care for and harvest unique products that are recognised throughout the world for their high quality and flavour.



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News and events

2020 Campaign starts with some problems

2020 Campaign starts with some problems

2020 campaign starts with some problems   In the countryside is always said that never a year is the same as the last, but this campaign, which is going to start in April days, we are very sure that it is not going to be the same as always and we expect that...

Agricola JJF and the end of season 2018

Agricola JJF and the end of season 2018

Agricola JJF and the end of season 2018   Fruit Attraction, 2018 edition finished a week ago. The most important fruit and vegetable fair at a continental level. Agrícola JJF was there during three days we working hard to show our best products or better said,...

Agricola JJF is already in Fruit Attraction 2018

Agricola JJF is already in Fruit Attraction 2018

Fruit Attraction 2018 has already started   Agrícola JJF is already at the most important agricultural fair in Europe. As we have already announced in the social media, Agricola JJF and their products are going to have presence in this convention.   This is...

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