Agricola JJF wins the Gran Seleccion 2020 award of Melon of la Mancha.

Castilla La Mancha reward with 19 awards the star products of 19 companies for their effort, commitment, origin and quality of their agri-foods products 2020.

Gran Selección has decided to recognize with this prize, the work and effort alongside with the dedicated hours to obtain the mayor quality of their products.

In this edition have participate a total of 583 contestants of the different categories. The 19 winners has been chosen for 110 tasters, that has taste the sample of our produts blinded.

This year Agricola JJF has been the winer of the Melon of La Mancha.

The achievement of this award is a great reward for Agricola JJF because we manage a lot of time comercializing our own production, controling the product from his sowing till his sale.

One of the reasons because we decide to harvest our own product is because we want to know the product to could offer that to our clients in a most personalized way, being capable of serve our clients the product that they really want and need, going inside of the demands request for them.

Our company always bet for the improvement and the quality, considering this, our identity seal, because we do not focus so much in takinng out the maximum posible product, if not in granted the maximum quality of them.