Agricola JJF and the end of season 2018

Agricola JJF and the end of season 2018


A week ago Fruit Attraction, 2018 edition came to the end. The most important fair of the fruit and vegetable sector at continental level. Agrícola JJF was there. During those three days we were working very hard to show our best products, or rather, our best fruit: La Mancha melon.

This fair is the final act of a campaign that started many months ago…



There is an aphorism that says “Every effort has its reward”. It is true that this statement is not always true but, in this case, it is worth taking stock beforehand in order to evaluate this affirmation. Therefore, we are going to analyse how this intense season has gone for us.

We started the season with the preparation of the land for seeding, at the beginning of the year, and its subsequent care; we went through the time of the gradual harvesting of melons, from the early ones to the late ones; meanwhile, the watermelons, both the striped and the black ones; and finally our pumpkins.


At the same time, we were acquiring new vehicles and machinery to be able to carry out all our activity in a more comfortable and quality way.



We also had time to be symbolically present at sector fairs such as Ferimel, as well as to promote La Mancha Melon with the Minister of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Development of the Regional Government of Castilla-La Mancha, Mr. Francisco Martínez Arroyo.



All this, while we were working against the clock in the warehouse to clean, classify, pack and place each of the boxes according to the type of product, variety, size and quality.



At the same time, we were organising the transport and logistics to get each load to its destination in less than twelve hours, from the moment it was cut until it was on the supermarket shelf, so that the end consumer could enjoy it in all its freshness and quality. At this stage, it is true to say that this season prices have been well below production costs in many periods of the harvest.

Once this process is over, we have earned every right in the world to celebrate it all together: workers, friends and collaborators. We organised a party and we all had a great time.


And then, to round off the season, we prepared for Fruit Attraction, where we were able to meet up again with many clients and friends and, in addition, we closed many sales contracts for our three products.



And we haven’t finished yet. We are currently continuing with the removal of plastics and dripping to take them to the recycling plant, thus contributing to the conservation of the environment and to a sustainable economy.


What more could we ask for…?

Yes friends, yes, I believe that the aphorism from before, in our particular case this season, is true: “Every effort has its reward”.

The reward of knowing that we have done our job well. The reward of knowing that all our effort has been worthwhile.


From Agrícola JJF, and more specifically, from the people who form and constitute the company Agrícola JJF: Marcelino, Juan Pedro and José Luis, we want to show our most humble and sincere thanks:

To all our workers and collaborators for your effort and sacrifice throughout this campaign. Without you none of this would have been possible.

To all our customers and friends who have been supporting us and giving us your trust.

And we have not forgotten to thank all our followers who, through social networks, have been accompanying us throughout this season, sharing and echoing everything we did.

To all of you, THANK YOU.