2020 Campaign starts with some problems

2020 campaign starts with some problems


In the countryside is always said that never a year is the same as the last, but this campaign, which is going to start in April days, we are very sure that it is not going to be the same as always and we expect that event not happen again. Yes, we are talking about COVID-19.

In spite of this event, AGRÍCOLA JJF is still keep going with his sowing planification because no matter what happen we are not going to stop. We are taking the necessary measures so that our products arrive at their destinaty with all the warrants.



For the land preparation, during the winter months we turn over the land with the disc plough, this is going to allow that the winter frost,the fungus and vis dissapear.

In the last preparation phase, we will make ridges where we will put the plastic on.


When April comes, we will put the plastics stick to the land. With this tool we will accomplish that the bad herbes do not grow around the plant, in that way the land nutrients  will be for the melon or watermelon plant.

Another function of plastic is that in April and May some nights could be cold and in this case, the plastic raise the land temperature and therefore keep the plant healthy.



Once we have the plastics join to the surface, AGRICOLA JJF will start to carry out their transplants. The first was on April 17th for watermelon and on April 22nd for melon. Since these dates we will be doing transplants in different parcels until the last week of June.


Nowadays, the greatest risks for these first transplants are the increase of nocturnal  temperature, as well as the heavy rain or hails.


The following 45 days, besides make some cultivate phase we will keep an eye on the evolution of the plant to observe any lack (water, disease) in order to act immediately.