Agrícola JJF installs a new calibrator system

Agrícola JJF install a new calibrator transport tape for the next campaing 2018

In Agrícola JJF we do not stop investing. In this occasion we show you of the installation of a new calibrating transport tape.

Agricola JJF

As you can see, we have almost everything prepared for the melon campaign that is going to begin at the end of the month , is for this reason that we can not let go the time without put in this wonderfull calibrating. 

JJF Agricola

The automation of manual processes is increasingly important. While it is true that the work of cutting and picking the melon must be done by hand, there are others that must be properly automated to gain productivity and efficiency.

Unloading process

From the process of downloading the basket on the tape, from there, everything is automated. A hydraulic system move the pieces of the basket continuously on a conveyor tape. 


A combined system of tape and brushes cleans the skin of the melon from the earth and dust that has been acquired.


Once they are clean, they enter a funnel system that channels each of the pieces to be placed on top of baskets that act as scales to evaluate their weight and size.

The brain

A complete software controls and evaluates each one of the selected parameters to decide in which part of the final tour each of the pieces should be downloaded.

Packaging and quality control

Once each piece has been deposited in its corresponding cell, the quality control and packaging carried out by our team of workers  qualified to check that the quality of each piece is appropriate and meets the approved requirements, goes into operation, for our company. The packaging is then produced in its corresponding boxes for subsequent distribution.

In Agrícola JJF we are very proud of our company and, of course, of the investments that increase the value and quality of our products. Only in this way we can reach our most important challenge: offer the best quality to our customers.