Agriculture authorities visit the facilities of Agrícola JJF

Agriculture authorities visits Agrícola JJF facilities.

Last Friday, August 24th, the facilities of the company Agrícola JJF, received the visit of the representatives of the institutions of the Junta de Comunidades, of the province, as well as, of the City Council of the town.

An institutional visit of a professional nature took place at Agrícola JJF’s facilities in Llanos del Caudillo. The Authority of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Development of the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha, Mr. Francisco Martínez Arroyo; accompanied by the Provincial Director of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Development, Ms. Prado Amores; as well as the Mayor of Llanos del Caudillo, Mr. Andrés Antonio Arroyo; and the Councillor of the Socialist Party, Ms. Carmen Arias; were received by the three representatives and owners of the company JJF Agrícola: Mr. Marcelino Díaz, Mr. Juan Pedro Madrigal and Mr. José Luis Arroyo. The President of the Interprofesional del Melón, Mr. Cristóbal Jiménez; the President of the PGI Melón de La Mancha, Mr. Ramón Lara; and the President of the Cooperative of Llanos del Caudillo, Mr. Francisco Navas also attended this visit.

In this visit, we touch relatives points  related to the commercial and production situation of melon and how it faces a series of price fluctuations that are not marked by the final consumer, who does not appreciate these price decreases, but by an overly fragmented producer market that causes the excess supply at specific moments of production to be used by third parties to modify this price to the detriment of producers.

During the visit they toured the facilities of the production industrial unity of Agrícola JJF where, the Minister himself acknowledged the effort that autochthonous production companies, and specifically referred to it, are making to create a brand, with a quality product behind it, which is able to compete with large distribution groups and defend a market price.

Subsequently, they moved on to a land, where the melon was being cut and where they were able to see the hard production process involved in this product in order to defend it in the markets. The exceptional quality of this product was remarkable, as those present could see in its tasting on the field.

Once again, the Authority appreciated the enormous effort realizing by these companies and small producers, and showed his unconditional support to promote the necessary actions in a way that the commercialization of this product so representative of our land and such priceless worldwide can be defended with competitive prices in the market.

As a final act, in the field, taked place the declarations were made tin front of the media .