The campaign begins

Melon campaign begins

The harvest begins a little later than expected and, compared to the previous year, it has been the beginning of the La Mancha Melon season in the different plantations where JJF Agrícola has planted this fruit.


As every year, we have been selecting in each of our plantations, the most appropriate time to start harvesting this summer fruit, depending, of course, on the time of sowing. Until a couple of nights ago, when nighttime lows have been lower, nighttime temperatures have helped the maturation of this product. In fact, they are at the right time for cutting and consumption.

As you can see from the pictures, the melons are already being cut and are ready for when the trailer comes and take them to the warehouse. We are a great team where everyone knows their job well. As we always say, we are proud to be farmers and producers.


In the next few days we will be informing you about how this process is developing.


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