Agricola JJF will be exhibiting at FERIMEL 2018

AGRÍCOLA JJF is once again present at the IV edition of FERIMEL 2018

One more edition, Agrícola JJF is returning to FERIMEL 2018 with the intention of support this fair, the only one of its kind in Spain to represent this particular crop, and each year, with a greater number of exhibitors and visitors.


Located in E23 stand , we wanted to show from our humbleness as farmers and producers that we are, a sample of our products, of our variety and superior quality.


In this opening, we had the presence of the Mayor of the Town Hall of Membrilla, Manuel Borja; representatives of AMFAR, Association of rural women and families, through its national President, Lola Merino; and its local President, Mariani Fuentes. Likewise , the municipal corporation was present for a representation of its councillors. For our part, Juan Pedro Madrigal did the honors as the firm’s representative.

In Agrícola JJF we are proud of our origins and of our land products, therefore, we are very pleased to be on this Ferimel edition .

We would like to thank all our friends and visitors who have visited our stand to join us at this 4th edition of FERIMEL 2018.