Valencia Fruits interview to Juan Pedro Madrigal and Marcelino Díaz

Valencia Fruits, inteview to Juan Pedro Madrigal and Marcelino Díaz

The fruit and vegetable sector magazine, Valencia Fruits, has just published an interview with Juan Pedro Madrigal and Marcelino Díaz, owners, together with José Luis Agudo, of the company Agrícola JJF, from Llanos del Caudillo. 

Agricola JJF

Although we link you to the website that publishes the complete interview, we extract the main content of it in the most relevant aspects: 

  • The harvest is delayed by about 15 days due to the weather, which is not raising temperatures, especially at night, so that the product ripens more. This situation will result in a greater concentration of production supply in the months of August and September, a situation that will affect the final price of the product. 

  • As far as varietal selection is concerned, the quality of the product takes precedence over its productivity in the case of Agrícola JJF. This statement is not new, but it should not be disregarded. In Agrícola JJF we have always bet on the quality of our products because, at the end of the day, this is what our market demands, both the international market -which accounts for 80% of our production- and the national market. Our planted varieties of melon are: Sancho, Cordial, Gran Riado, Manchego and Arenales. 


Agricola JJF


  • You can’t predict how the season will go because we are at the mercy of the weather and it can surprise us at anytime and anywhere. However, if everything goes as it has , a very good season is expected. 


Agricola JJF


At Agrícola JJF, since our origin, we have always been committed to quality in order to continue increasing sales. To achieve this balance it is necessary to invest in technology and to constantly analyse the evolution of the product and the market, in order to be able to adapt to these fluctuations of each moment.