A new challenge for Agrícola JJF

Return to the beginning or start of the new campaign

There are many words and sentences that have been used when, cyclically, it becomes at the beginning of a new campaign. Everything starts again. We start again. It is a feeling that does not disappear despite the times we have felt it. We thought it was over, but that nervousness, as well as concern, does not disappear, no matter how much our experience in each campaign. This is how we feel all the members that make up this team, all the members of this family.

We start the campaign again. Another year, and we think it was yesterday when we finished the previous one. As time goes! Or rather it should be said? How fast time passes! We have never really let time pass, we have only been adapting to him at every moment.

Since the harvest of our fruits was finished last October, we have been preparing and preparing the land for the new harvest. The 2018 campaign does not start now. It started months ago when we started the work that our field needed. It is a process that takes time, neither more nor less.

Now what is going to start is the consequence of that effort made. The harvest of that fruit that we have been caring for as if it were our own son begins, protecting and pampering it so that now, in the hours closest to its harvest it is in the best state of maturity.

In Agrícola JJF we take our work very seriously because we know that we have the responsibility to produce the best quality melons, watermelons and pumpkins. Yes, it may seem very presumptuous but it does not stop being true. We select the best plants to obtain the best fruits through a scrupulous care of the whole process. We select the pieces that will be collected when they are in their best state of maturation. We select the best pieces for packaging and transport with rigorous quality requirements that we have committed ourselves to comply with. We guarantee a complete traceability of the product, from its cultivation, through harvesting and ending at the point of commercialization.

We are endorsed by two prestigious organizations that ensure compliance with the quality of these products, from their origin to their last marketing process: IGP Melón de La Mancha and GLOBAL GAP

The Melon

Melon production is almost ready. It will be at the end of this month when we will begin the campaign. They present a great aspect and with the warm nights that we have, we are going to have an exceptional harvest.

The watermelon

With growth and maturity later than melon, its growth and maturation are being monitored for this campaign

The pumkin

It is already formed and gaining weight and volume every day

We are proud of these fruits and, therefore, we want to show them to share this feeling of satisfaction for having reached this moment. We are not finished yet. We have the final stretch that, on the other hand, is the hardest and most demanding, but the whole team, not to mention the whole family of Agrícola JJF, is ready for this last effort.


Thank you whole family of Agrícola JJF!